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My mission...

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Business Growth
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To add value to the toy industry and help developments towards a more sustainable future for the kids of tomorrow. Adding my sustainability knowledge and putting strategy in place where it's feasible to do so. Educating the next generation and making them sustainably conscious.

To keep pushing forward to reach company sustainability goals and help keep the focus and progress. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, materials and strategies that will help us to get there, from company to industry.

Constantly thinking that one step further and from different angles. To move the industry towards a circular economy and put value to waste.

The Circular Economy...

Credit Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How and Why?

Just Plastic or Wood?


The potential for the bioplastics industry is vast, but the messaging is mixed; there are consumer behavioural issues for end of life and stock reliability issue with QC, these are all potential areas we must work on as designers.

It's not just a bioplastic....


My favourite example of this is PLA, if at end of life, this material does not go into industrial composting (which we currently only have food waste bins for in some areas of the UK) this material releases significant amounts of methane, which as a greenhouse gas is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, released from its oil-based alternative in landfill. It's not enough to greenwash anymore. It's time to be wise and make the changes needed to make sure end of life is easy for the consumer to understand and do the right thing with. We are starting to see this now, collaborations are key! Alone you can run around in circles, together we can create a loop!


I was honoured to be selected as the first Toy designer to give a speach at bio!TOY 2023. I hope to inspired designers and the industry to take brave leaps 'Design is the key to sustainability'

My Work

Solarbotanic Project


Solar panels take up too much space, are too expensive and look ugly. Wind turbines spoil the landscape, they're an eye-sore.

Wind turbines are hideous and noisy and they're killing our birds, I don't want them near my house or on my land.

Look at the carbon footprint of making the cells, surely thats more than the energy it collects and the toxic chemicals used to make them, they're not recyclable end of life.



Credit – Solarbotanic


'Fields covered with gray solar panels and giant wind turbines. Picture them in your mind and imagine what if they could be substituted by energy-generating trees.

Solar Botanic is not only about saving the world. It’s about making a difference with a clean, useful and beautiful solution. Something with benefits for one and for all.'

- Solarbotanic